Pre-order Policy

  • Athleco’s pre-order policy allows customers to purchase products in advance of their manufacture, ensuring stock is allocated, in entirety, to the customer upon arrival.
  • The Estimated Lead Time(s) for pre-ordered items is approximately eight (8) weeks. This Lead Time period considers both manufacturing and shipping to Athleco’s premises, excluding any unforeseen delays.
  • Estimated Lead Time(s) can be subject to change, due to (unforeseen) circumstances out of Athleco’s control. By pre-ordering, the customer acknowledges this.
  • Please note, supply quantity is subject to change without notice by the supplier. In such instances, your order quantity could be reduced or cancelled in entirety. If such a situation is to occur, you will be contacted by Athleco directly.
  • Pre-orders made before midnight Saturday 16th May 2020 incur an Estimated Lead Time of (approximately) mid-July 2020, excluding any unforeseen delays.
  • Pre-orders made after midnight Saturday 16th May 2020incur an Estimated Lead Time of (approximately) mid-August 2020, excluding any unforeseen delays.
  • All pre-order sales are final and CANNOT be cancelled, modified or refunded. At the point of sale, your order is placed directly with the manufacturer and thereafter, irreversible.